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HMI Global Health is pleased to introduce The Hearing Loss Clinic Inc., a leading Canadian hearing health resource center. Hearing loss is not limited to any age group, citizenship, or area of the world. It affects all of us - and the resources and free online test provided by the Hearing Loss Clinic can provide a valuable first step in addressing any concerns about possible hearing loss.

The mission of The Hearing Loss Clinic Inc. is to make a positive difference in the lives of those with hearing concerns. Their goal is to deliver client-centered hearing healthcare and comprehensive solutions for better hearing to assist their clients in achieving their highest potential as they strive for confidence and effectiveness in their communications with others. They are committed to ongoing continuing education, providing the latest in hearing technology, delivering excellent personal customer service and serving clients needs with compassion and understanding.

Please feel free to use the navigational menu on the left to make use of these valuable online resources and to share them with anyone else who may be concerned about hearing loss.

For people in Western Canada, please click here for information on local clinical services.

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