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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is FocusUP® different from other energy

A: FocusUP® is a revolutionary blend of internationally
researched Energetic Nutrients and Botanical Ingredients–
that help you feel energized* (see more about FocusUP® at
“The Formula” Tab). These unique nutrients do so much more
than just improve energy – they also improve focus,
concentration, mood, memory and mental performance.* We
believe this makes FocusUP® the world’s first Pure-Energy

Q: How long does it take to notice results?

A: Because each person is different, individual results will
vary. The good news is typically, if you consume an entire
stick pack quickly, shortly after taking the ingredients in
FocusUP® you feel focused and alert. Logically however, if
you choose to “sip” FocusUP® over time, it may take longer
to feel the same effects of the product.

Q: Can I drink more than one FocusUP® per day?

A: Yes. FocusUP® is formulated so you can enjoy more than
one serving per day. For example, Dr. Kyl’s colleagues often
drink two servings per day. Some even drink three per day.
However, it’s best to start out with one serving and monitor
how you personally respond to the caffeine and energetic
nutrient blend in FocusUP®.

Q: How is FocusUP® manufactured and can it be taken with
prescription medication?

A: FocusUP® requires all manufacturing processes to strictly
follow the highest standards, quality assurance, and control
procedures in the nutritional industry. To meet these
criteria, our selected manufacturing facility meets the
strict standards of all current industry Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMPs). As with all nutritional support products,
it is recommended that you consult with your doctor prior to
taking FocusUP® if you are pregnant, lactating, or if you
are taking prescription medications.

Q: What is Dr. Kyl’s philosophy on brain health and

A: Dr. Kyl feels the most exciting area of emerging science
is the application of the latest findings in clinical
nutrition as relating to cognitive function. In his book,
Brighter Mind®, Dr. Kyl shows that over the last 15 years,
peer-reviewed scientific literature has thoroughly
substantiated the need for, and benefits of, certain
nutrients in supporting and improving cognitive function
(brain function) in individuals of all ages. Dr. Kyl is
dedicated to delivering science-based nutritional products
that maximize the potential for cognitive health, and
provide nutritional support for your health needs. Because
healthy brain function is so vital to quality of life, Dr.
Kyl is passionate about proper brain health. He relentlessly
seeks to identify scientifically validated, highly active
substances from foods, botanicals, and other natural sources
that can serve to positively affect cognitive expression. To
read more about Dr. Kyl’s philosophy on brain health please

Q: Where can I view the “Supplement Facts” panel for

A: To view the “Supplement Facts” panel, click


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