Medical Travel :: Health Matters International

Medical Travel :: Health Matters International

The Surgical Escape Process

  1. Review the steps below first and then complete the
    information form on our contact page.
  2. A SurgicalEscape representative will follow up with you within two days to answer any questions and provide a quotation for your package.
  3. Complete your personal medical questionnaire which will
    be sent to you via email. If necessary, we may require
    X-rays or MRI’s.
  4. A conference call will be arranged between you and your
    physician abroad who will answer all your medical questions.
  5. Finalize your procedures and trip itinerary.
  6. Full payment will be collected for your package.
  7. Depart for your chosen destination/hospital.
  8. Greeted by your SurgicalEscape representative at the
    airport who will assist you through customs and take you to
    your accommodations.
  9. Meet your doctor for the initial consultation.
  10. Your procedure will then take place.
  11. Recuperate and relax at your retreat with VIP service
    and care.
  12. Participate in any tours that may you have selected.
  13. Travel home.
  14. Your physician and SurgicalEscape representative will
    call to follow-up.


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