About SurgicalEscape

At SurgicalEscape our focus is on providing a solution to the rising costs of prescription medication, dental care, IVF (Invitro Fertilization), medical procedures and other health care related matters. We pride ourselves on ensuring safe, high quality and cost effective medical, dental and IVF procedures with our partner JCI Accredited hospitals and clinics.

With our head office in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), our team of experienced service industry representatives will help you through the process from start to finish. The SurgicalEscape team has a proven track record and thousands of satisfied customers in the international health care field.

With affiliated hospitals and clinics in Panama, Costa Rica, Barbados and Cabos, Mexico, we pride ourselves in ensuring a safe, high quality and low cost VIP experience. We work closely with hospitals, clinics, medical staff and retreat recovery centers to ensure your experience is positive. Our team of knowledgeable service representatives guide and assist clients through the process to make their medical experience worry free and memorable.

With the soaring cost of health care in the US and extended waiting periods in Canada, SurgicalEscape offers services to help ease the burden. The approach we provide includes more than just cost saving solutions. We make sure our competitive prices do not compromise quality, value or customer care. The hospitals, clinics and staff we partner with have been extensively researched by SurgicalEscape. ALL hospitals and clinics have received JCI Accreditation, the US arm to ensure quality and safety of hospitals and clinics. Services are comparable to US standards.

The What and Why of JCI

“When you walk into a hospital or clinic in the US, chances are good it’s “accredited,” meaning that it’s in compliance with standards and “good practices” set by an independent accreditation agency. In the US, by far the largest and most respected accreditation agency is JCAHO, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The Commission casts a wide net of approval for hospitals, clinics, home health care, ambulatory services, and a host of other healthcare facilities and services throughout the US.

Responding to Global demand for accreditation standards, JCAHO launched its international affiliate accreditation agency in 1999, the Joint Commission International. In order to be accredited, an international healthcare provider must meet the same set of rigorous standards set forth in the US by JCAHO.

This is great news for the medical traveler, who can walk with greater confidence into a JCI accredited site, knowing that standards are high and that staff, procedures, instrumentation, and administrative infrastructure are monitored regularly.” (Patients Beyond Borders 2007)

JCI Accredited hospitals and clinics must have the same or exceed standards compared to the US in clinical outcomes, infection rates, mortality rates and cleanliness.