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Medical Travel with SurgicalEscape

medical treatment costs in the developed world increase dramatically,
with the United States leading the way, more and more people are
finding the idea of international travel for medical care very appealing.

Medical Travel can provide quality treatment at a lower cost for
those with a willingness and passion to travel abroad. Globalization
of healthcare has created opportunities for people considering medical
travel to high quality healthcare professionals to investigate destinations
such as Clinica Biblica Hospital in Costa Rica, Barbados and Los
Cabos, Mexico.

One of the main attractions for medical procedures in Costa Rica,
Barbados and Los Cabos, Mexico is the affordable price. In the US,
there are approximately 47 million people without health insurance
and 120 million people without dental coverage.

For the uninsured and the under–insured it is very difficult to
meet the rising costs of medical procedures. These individuals can
expect to save between 50%-75% (depending on the
procedure) of these costs by considering medical tourism.

Costa Rica,
Panama and
Los Cabos, Mexico are
medical destinations of choice for patients from developed countries
due to a combination of many factors:

  • Low waiting periods
  • High quality medical care and surgeons
  • Low cost procedures
  • VIP service
  • Beauty of the country and culture
  • JCI Accreditation

We are also researching other high quality medical facilities so
that we can continue to offer cutting edge and also affordable services.
Our Customer Service Representatives can explain many different
options and packages to meet diverse needs.


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