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Oxyfresh Pet Care Products

Our complete line of Oxyfresh Pet Products will be available
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Pet Oral Health Care

Mini Pet Oral Hygiene Kit

clean teeth and fresh breath are the unmistakable sign of a
healthy pet, veterinarian recommended Oxyfresh pet oral products
are the choice that just can’t be beat. Completely safe, positively
proven and enthusiastically endorsed by pet professionals and
pet lovers everywhere, our revolutionary oral care products
are the answer to a healthier, happier pet.

Pet Oral Hygiene Solution

some TLC to your pet’s water bowl! Pets need water anyway, why
not nourish it? Pet Oral Hygiene Solution contains the active
ingredient Oxygene� to freshen pet breath and help reduce the
formation of plaque and tartar that can lead to dental disease,
and it’s 100% safe. Just a capful of this tasteless, odorless
solution added daily to your pet’s drinking water does the trick
— it’s that easy!

Pet Gel

Gel Protect their smile — and their health. Pet Gel is more
than a breath-freshening toothpaste. This unique gel contains
Oxygene� to safely clean and deodorize gums and help protect
against the buildup of plaque and tartar that can threaten your
pet’s health. This formula also contains aloe to soothe tissues
and speed the healing of oral wounds. Use Pet Gel whenever you
brush, and also when your pet needs immediate relief from oral

Triple Pet Toothbrush

have teeth, too … brush them! Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly
is the best way to fight dental disease. The Triple•Pet Toothbrush
is uniquely designed with a triple-sided head to make brushing
quicker, easier and more effective. For a superb toothpaste,
Oxyfresh Pet Gel has got you covered!

Pet Grooming

Pet Ear Cleaner

love how quickly and easily it works! Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner
gently cleans dirt and wax from your pet’s ear canal with our
exclusive ingredient Oxygene� to safely soothe and deodorize
your pet’s ears and help fight against painful ear infections
that can spread to the central nervous system and cause serious
health problems.

Pet Deodorizer

can get themselves into the smelliest situations! Oxyfresh Pet
Deodorizer conquers even the most terrible odors — whether your
pet has rolled in something unspeakable, or been sprayed by
a startled skunk. With Pet Deodorizer, you’ve got Oxygene� on
your side, our exclusive odor-eliminator that breaks down and
neutralizes nasty smells and leaves your pet fresh and huggably

Pet Shampoo

may think your pet is clean … but the truth is, a variety of
nasty organisms could be hiding out in his fur, posing a health
risk. Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo works into a rich, penetrating lather
for a fresh-smelling, beautifully conditioned coat. Best of
all, it’s formulated with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene�
to deeply clean your pet and help rid him of potentially harmful

Pet Supplements

Pet Jerky

pet deserves a healthy snack! Your pet will got nuts for delicious
and nutritious Oxyfresh Pet Jerky, made with 100 percent real
beef and packed with health-enhancing nutraceuticals to deliver
superior to joints while helping to stimulate cartilage growth.
And Pet Jerky is loaded with 22 percent protein per serving
— far more than the competition. Old or young, big or small
… every pet will love Oxyfresh Pet Jerky.

Pet Antioxidant

pet wellness in a wafer! Face it, no matter how good the ingredients
are in a bag of dog or cat food it’s still lacking in live,
whole nutrients because it’s basically highly processed grain-based
food. Pet Antioxidant to the rescue! These easy-to-feed wafers
fill those gaps at the cellular level to improve mobility, boost
your pet’s natural defenses against illness and disease and
protect against free radical damage.

“Mellow Out” Pet Relaxant

pets live in the same stressful world we do! That’s why Oxyfresh
offers “Mellow Out” Pet Relaxant, a breakthrough formula that
is extremely effective at calming your pet, yet completely safe
and gentle. “Mellow Out” is formulated with all-natural ingredients
including St. John’s Wort, Valerian, L-Tryptophan and German
Chamomile to help your pet deal with stressful situations like
travel, injury, loud storms, visits to the veterinarian — whenever
pet tensions run high!

Pet Accessories

Pet Leash

attention to the Oxyfresh name with this striking Oxyfresh pet
leash. Made of durable, weather-resistant nylon, this 60-inch
leash can be displayed proudly in any pet professional office,
as well as in the home.

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