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Welcome to Medical Destination Panama

Panama has earned the title as the "Hong Kong" or "Dubai" of the Americas. This has mainly been due to its significantly lower cost of living and fully "Americanized" culture.

Panama is slowly becoming one of the top medical tourism destinations, attracting US and Canadian, and other international health travelers. The reasons for this are: its proximity, excellent healthcare services, US trained and certified medical staff and its attractive natural beauty.

Healthcare System in Panama

Panama's long association with the United States has left a distinct American footprint in its culture, giving it more than a hundred years advantage over other countries in providing healthcare to American patients using US standards of quality and service. This can be seen in the similarities in facilities, medical procedures and practices, as well as the abundance of US trained and board certified doctors and medical staff.

There is currently one hospital in Panama that is fully certified by the Joint Commissions International, Hospital Punta Pacifica. However, all of the other top hospitals, most of which are privately owned, are fully certified by local medical accreditation bodies set by the Panamanian government as well as other non-government accreditation bodies.

In addition, most of the top hospitals have affiliations and are duly recognized by international medical organizations such as the Johns Hopkins International, Baptist Health International of Miami, Cleveland Clinic, Tulane Health Science Center, Miami Children's Hospital, University of Nebraska Medical Center, the Harvard Medical Faculty, the Kendall Medical Center and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center among others.