Poly MVA Testimonials : Success Stories

“In 1997, I was diagnosed with Stage
3B Lung Cancer. During surgery, the doctor removed my right
lung, part of the lining of my heart and a 5cm tumor. There
was residual cancer left on my heart, which was inoperable.
I was given eighteen months to live. I chose not to be treated
with the conventional radiation and chemotherapy. I decided
instead to go to San Diego to the Livingston Foundation Medical
Center, where I was treated with vaccines in an alternative
immunotherapy program. Needless to say, the treatment was successful.
It’s been eight years since the surgery and in those eight years
I am still on the vaccine. Each year I send a fluid specimen
to the lab and from that they gather the culture to make the
vaccines specific to me. Over a year ago, I found Poly-MVA and
have been using it since. Last year, when I called the lab because
my immune antigen was late getting to me, I was told that it
was difficult for them to gather the bacteria to make it. This
means that my immune system was better than it had been, and
they asked me if I was taking Poly-MVA. I would recommend Poly-MVA
for anyone wanting to be more healthy and have the best possible
nutritional support, especially if your systems are compromised
like mine were due to the cancer. I would be more than happy
to tell my story anywhere or anytime. Thank you Poly-MVA for
making my life a little more secure. “
—Michael Dresser, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

“Not until I used Poly-MVA, did I believe
and understand how remarkable and powerful it is. Everyone involved
with Poly-MVA are genuine people trying to help others.”
-David Korn, MD

“I have used Poly-MVA in several [animal]
cancer patients with predominately good results.”
– Gary L. Clarke, DVM

“I began taking Poly-MVA as a nutritional
supplement and two months later I began feeling much better.
The nutritional support I believe it gave me as a breast cancer
survivor is outstanding. Three and a half months after the first
bottle of Poly-MVA, I feel like a healthy, normal person – full
of energy! I know that only one thing could have done this for
me – and that is the Poly.”
-Roza Mollova

“February 19, 2007… I would like to
thank you for the miracle product Poly-MVA. I was diagnosed
with uterine cancer (carcino sarcoma), which is a very aggressive
type of cancer. I had radical surgery on October 4, 2005, and
there was the possibility that it may have metasticized into
the upper abdomen. I was introduced to this product by Mr. Charles
Battle before I was scheduled for chemotherapy. I took one teaspoon
two to three times a day. I never had nausea or vomiting. I
had increased energy and a hearty appetite. My laboratory results
improved drastically the first two weeks. I shared the information
about Poly-MVA with Dr. Ramin Mirhashemi, my Gyn Oncologist
at Torrance Memorial Hospital. He was so amazed at my rapid
recovery and how I was able to maintain my weight. I believed
it strengthened my immune system. During the cold and flu season
I was not affected. My blood cells were normal. I feel this
product restored my cells instead of depleting them. I shared
the information about this product with the other patients and
told them to look at the website for more information. The chemo
nurse was very impressed with my lab results and said I did
not look like a cancer patient. They could not believe how quickly
I was recovering. When you look at my laboratory reports you
can see the rapid improvement. I did receive a miracle and I
know that God has given you the formula for helping people with
life threatening diseases to bring the body back into balance.
I was also able to tolerate a few invasive radiation treatments.
I increased the dosage to two teaspoons 4 times a day. I had
recovered so well and so fast that I did not need to complete
the radiation and chemotherapy treatments that were supposed
to last for six more months. With a positive attitude and my
faith in God I know that Poly-MVA is here for this time to sustain
and support my life. I am now doing things that I could not
do for a very long time. This nutritional supplement is truly
a gift from God to heal the land. Again thank you and those
who diligently worked so hard to advance cancer research to
provide information and give people hope. Everyone needs to
know about Poly-MVA. Thank you for your many sacrifices and
not giving up…God Bless you.”
– Mary Higgins

“In 1997, I received the news of my recurrent
brain tumor with dread and shock. My father, a doctor involved
in alternative medicine, sent me my first bottle of Poly-MVA.
I took it immediately along with the conventional treatments.
Since then, I have had clean MRI scans and I consider Poly-MVA
– plus my belief in God’s great wisdom – to be the cornerstones
of my recovery. On April 7, 2007, I reached my tenth year without
cancer. I realize what a milestone awaits this extraordinary
span of well-being and good fortune.”What doesn’t kill you makes
you stronger.” Cancer has been my acquiescent companion, in
many ways the center of my life. It has given me a purpose,
to survive and to tell anyone who will listen that it is weak.
It can be defeated, routed or at least pinned down indefinitely
until something else comes along. I believe this statement applies
to Poly MVA. I have been using it every day since that April
afternoon in 1997. I have been scanned regularly and the news
is always the same. My message is for all of you desperate and
terrified cancer patients. Do all you can to support your immune
system. That is the first step. Your body knows how to eradicate
this disease, it just needs your help. You may need to radically
alter your lifestyle to achieve this. If so, the benefit will
be two-fold. Use Poly MVA. Your body will take notice and try
to return the favor.”
– Mark Olsztyn

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You all are our heroes! Gary, Dr. Llamas, Al Jr, Linda- as well as Dr. Sanchez, Olivia and everyone at the Foundation – are heroes and living angels in our lives. We are so blessed to have one another. We are mindful to be prayerful and grateful every day for the Poly-MVA team and the way the Poly-MVA provides support to keep the dream of living and being cancer-free alive for the world. Emotions overcome us as we remember the care we receive from all of you. We are inspired by your dedication and your servant leadership. Love and appreciation to all!”

– Michael & Julia Muscari

“I just received my Poly-MVA and pleasantly found to my surprise that I cannot take it in the evening, as it gives me so much energy I can’t sleep! (I was so excited, I had to take it as soon as I got it, couldn’t wait until the morning!) I am now on a daily morning dose, and so far after just 2 doses my energy has improved famously. Thank you!”

– Renee Swain RN, APH

“I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Stage III, on May 1st, 2006. I started on a combination chemotherapy, which I continued for 3 months until July 31, 2006. I had heard of Poly-MVA at a Cancer Control convention I had attended in 1999. I purchased a book about Palladium Lipoic Complexes when I returned home from the hospital because I needed to do something different. I called AMARC to inquire about the product, and on May 15, 2006, I started using Poly-MVA. I followed a protocol and injested 12 tsp per day until July 1st, 2006. By then my readings were down very significantly and I was feeling better. My oncologist had reduced the chemotherapy by half after my first month because of muscle neuropathy. The neuropathy diminished after two weeks. On July 1, 2006, I increased my Poly-MVA to 16 tsp per day. By August, 2006, my antibody reading was normal (below 1440). On November 11, 2006, my reports showed me in clear health. I have continued to use Poly-MVA at 4 tsp. per day since. As of June 2007 I am doing very well and taking no prescription drugs. My blood work is normal.”
– Doug Wray

“I just returned from California for the 2007 Cancer Control conference, which was very enlightening. It was so wonderful to see so many other cancer survivors and how each was supported in their efforts by Poly-MVA. The people at AMARC are wonderful and are trying to help so many people. Gary Matson is in touch with people all over the world on a daily basis, and he has been tireless in dedicating his whole life to helping people and reaching out to them through the benefits of Poly-MVA. This trip really helped me to see the whole picture and the immensity of the project of trying to educate people about ways to support and enhance their overall health and well-being toward helping their body win this war. You see, cancer in a way was a gift to me. I have met so many wonderful people and my journey took me to one of Hope and Compassion, a place I never understood until it happened to me. In my heart I pray for all of us to succeed in our winning the war against this dreaded disease. Blessings and good health to all.”

– June Black

“I am grateful to Poly-MVA for not only supporting my body, thereby contributing to prolonging my life, but also for its many additional benefits. Daily, I feel none of my former arthritic symptoms. I know I have more energy and a sense of well-being. I am most thankful for this amazing product!”

– Christina Harrell

“I want everyone to know that I am now 3 years clear of lung cancer!! When I was told I had a mass in my lung, the first thing I did when I returned home was to call AMARC Enterprises – the PolyMVA people. PolyMVA helped save my life. I began a regimen of PolyMVA along with COQ10, liver flush, calcium, and an immune booster. After 3 months, the Stage 2 cancer was down to Stage 1. And here I am, 3 years later! My blood reading is the lowest it has been, and the PET Scan is as clear as a bell. Thank you again and again for the support that PolyMVA gave my body in my fight against cancer! ”

– Ronny Rudley

“Sister Somayah is well-known and loved for her work on behalf of seriously ill patients in treating severe pain of sickle cell anemia, and has also been a pioneer in nutritional therapy for sickle cell disease (the use of essential fatty acids). Sister Somayah was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I started her on PolyMVA, and I watched as she took her first drink of it. “Doc!” she said as it was going down, “Could this stuff already be working?” It appeared that she immediately had a spark of improvement. Placebo effect? Perhaps. Maybe her body was sounding a happy YES! on feeling the elixir. Whatever the case may be, it was a wonderful jump start to healing. Somayah went home with PolyMVA and hope. On her second day of PolyMVA, she led a march in Los Angeles with a vitality that surprised her. It might have been expected that even if a very sick person managed the energy for a major event, there is usually a price to pay afterwards in pain, fatigue, and malaise. But Somayah just kept ketting better and better. She soon could walk up the stairs easily, without needing to rest, and without huffing and puffing. Now, Somayah feels like she’s been given her life back. She no longer feels like she could even die, as she had before. PolyMVA literally pulled Somayah from the jaws of the death. This dramatic improvement on Somayah’s energy is one of the most profound effects of PolyMVA. It improves efficiency of aerobic metabolism (like Somayah’s low oxygen), and interferes with the already low efficiency of anaerobic metabolsm (cancer). In my experience, having a dramatic improvement of energy and feeling of well-being bodes well for better health and her body dealing with cancer. Stay tuned for updates!”

– Dr. William Eidelman

“I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB breast cancer in May of 2007. I started on Poly-MVA right away. I had a Poly high dose everyday for five weeks. After that, I dropped down to three days a week. I also took Poly on weekends four teaspoons three times per day. I had an aggressive form of cancer so I attacked this very aggressively. I also did chemotherapy. After six weeks on Poly and after only two chemo sessions, a sonogram showed that the lymph nodes under my arm were returning to normal. That amazed the doctor. I also never got sick from the chemo. I did get nauseated but did not throw up. I am now cancer free and it is a miracle after such a poor original diagnosis. ”

– Linda Richert

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