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Poly-MVA Usage & Dosage Guidelines

Contact a Poly-MVA consultant who will be happy to provide you with more information.  You may reach us by calling


Initial amount: Day 1: 2 teaspoons, (1 tsp., twice) Day 2: 4 teaspoons, (1 tsp., four times) Days 3-Onward: 8-12 teaspoons, (2 tsp., 4-6 times)

Continue at 8-12 tsp. per day for a minimum of 3 months. We then recommend speaking with your practitioner, or Poly-MVA consultant at 1-800-511-8371 for further feedback so you may reduce the amount to a proper maintenance dose until the desired results are achieved. Five bottles per month are needed at 8 teaspoons per day.

Please note:  If you are an adult in the process of overcoming a serious health challenge and you are just starting to use Poly-MVA, we recommend you follow the suggested usages for adults with earlier stages of physical imbalance, starting with 1 tsp., then 2 tsp. a day, then 4 tsp., then 8 tsp.

We suggest that you not start with a “Maintenance Amount.” Greater support is usually needed at such a time because many of the body systems have often been heavily compromised.

Please feel free to contact a Poly-MVA consultant at 1-800-511-8371 about questions or concerns you may have.


1 tsp. per 40 pounds of body weight per day. We suggest that you start the child out with a small amount and increase to this amount slowly over three or four days. Continue until the desired results are achieved, then decrease the usage if desired.


1 tsp. per 20 pounds of body weight per day. We suggest that you start the child out with a small amount and increase to this amount slowly over three or four days. Continue at this dosage for at least two months or longer until desired results are achieved, then decrease the usage if desired.

For Maximum Effectiveness - How and When to Take Poly-MVA:

Research shows benefit in taking Poly-MVA and Co-Q10 at the same time. When doing so we suggest taking them with food as food enhances the absorption of Co-Q10. Which ever works into your schedule is fine, the product will be absorbed. If stomach discomfort is experienced take with milk or food. To improve taste, Poly-MVA may be mixed with water, tea, coffee, or juice (such as cranberry, grape, prune or vegetable). Use plastic, glass, or ceramic measuring devices and spoons, not metal ones, as metal may affect the taste of Poly-MVA.

Take the daily amount of Poly-MVA in divided doses if possible: for example, 2 teaspoons, 4 times daily – three times before meals and once before bed. If taking 1 tsp. daily or less, it’s fine to take it all at once if circumstances prevent dividing the dose. If taking CoQ10 we recommend taking them together.

Taking Poly-MVA with Antioxidants, Chelators, Fiber, and Steroids

Anti-oxidants and detoxification products in their recommended daily dosages may be taken within 30 minutes after taking Poly-MVA. If you are taking high dose antioxidants, for example 1-5 grams of Vitamin C daily, we recommend waiting six hours before taking Poly-MVA. If you are taking mega-doses of Vitamin C, 5-150 grams per day, consult with your physician. Alpha lipoic acid by itself should also be minimized.

*Note: The use of the antioxidant Co-enzyme Q-10 (Co-Q-10) has been shown in the laboratory to work synergistically with Poly-MVA. Therefore the recommendation would be 400-600 mg daily of the standard form of CoQ10, or 120 mg daily of the “Q-Gel” form, or 30-45 drops of the LiQsorb which has shown to be more absorbable than all other forms of CoQ10. Research shows benefit in taking the Poly-MVA and Co-Q10 at the same time. When doing so we suggest taking them with food as food enhances the absorption of Co-Q10.

Tobacco products, alcohol and excessive caffeine intake can also slow down the uptake of Poly-MVA. Graviola, hydrazine sulfate and Pau D’Arco may interfere with the absorption of Poly-MVA, so we recommend alternating these products on different days. Zeolites may chelate out the mineral palladium so it is not recommended when taking Poly-MVA.

If using intravenous chelation therapy or oral chelation, supplements that are designed to remove heavy metals or arterial plaque from the body, we suggest leaving an interval of at least 24 hours between using them and Poly-MVA, as the chelators may minimize the effectiveness of Poly-MVA. Therefore, we recommend taking chelators and Poly-MVA on alternating days.

If using a fiber product such as psyllium seed husks, ground flax seeds, or bran, leave an interval of at least an hour between taking it and taking Poly-MVA or any other supplement or pharmaceutical agent, to ensure that your supplements and medicines can be properly absorbed. Fiber tends to absorb supplements, and can also move them through the digestive tract too quickly for maximum absorption to occur.

Moderate to heavy use of steroids may, in some cases, diminish the effectiveness of Poly-MVA. There is no way to definitively state what usage of any given steroid is too much, because of the many variables. If you are taking steroids, you should be under the supervision of a physician.

Responses that May Occur in Rare Cases

1. A cleansing reaction also referred to as a “HERXHEIMER RESPONSE” OR “detoxification reaction” may be caused by the introduction of nutritional support aiding the bodies systems very quickly. We recommend reducing the dosage or usage amount until the situation remedies itself, usually within a few days. Conditions may include but are not limited to: rash, headache, unusual or strong body odors, frequent bowel movements, slight fatigue or nausea. A cleansing reaction may indicate that the body is readily absorbing and responding to the vital nutrients.

2. Poly-MVA at times may act as a paramagnetic contrast agent creating a halo effect in some MRI scans but only after large doses, typically over a minimum of 4 months. Poly-MVA is a complex that contains minerals which may vibrate under certain circumstances when exposed to paramagnetic radiation. This is generally rare but for additional information, or to answer any questions, please call a Poly-MVA consultant at 1-800-511-8371.

Storage and Shelf Life

It is not necessary to refrigerate Poly-MVA, but you may if you wish. Do not expose Poly-MVA to direct sunlight since such exposure may affect the taste. Exposure to moderate heat is not a problem. Best if used by the date on the bottle. *The suggestions for use contained herein are not offered or intended for use in treating, preventing or mitigating any disease. Please consult a qualified health care practitioner, preferably but not necessarily one familiar with Poly-MVA, if you have any health concerns.

Buying Poly-MVA

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Ongoing Support

You will have the opportunity to sign up for ongoing support once you have purchased this product. In this way we can provide guidance and assistance throughout your journey to health. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Poly-MVA consultant at 1-800-511-8371



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