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Poly-MVA is also for People

Poly-MVA may be beneficial in protecting cell
DNA and RNA, assisting the body produce energy, and provide support to the
liver in removing harmful substances from the body.


see our best results among patients that are treated long term
with osteosarcoma, anal sac adenocarcinoma, hemangiosarcoma and
many others,“ says Angel Care Cancer Center’s director Dr.
Gregory Ogilvie. “I would not be involved in Poly-MVA research
if I did not believe it would help the majority of my patients
experience an improved quality of life.”
—Animal Wellness Magazine 
Aug/Sept 2007

“I started [my chow] on Poly-MVA right away, along with other
nutrients to help her immune system keep her melanoma at bay.
That was over a year and a half ago, and she is still full of
life and still bringing joy to our lives!” 
—A renowned Cardiologist and Nutritionalist

“It is with great enthusiasm that I see veterinary practitioners
taking great strides to accomplish what billions of dollars and
years of research have failed to perfect for human medicine.
Poly-MVA is a simple approach of nutritional support of pets
undergoing harsh therapies or with compromised immune systems
that really works and is within the reach financially for most
pet owners. I myself am living proof that Poly-MVA works, having
chosen a treatment regimen for my own cancer that included the
support of palladium lipoic complex (Poly-MVA) in the attempt to
enhance my immune system rather than destroy it.” 
—Harry Quick, DVM, nationally recognized veterinarian

“I have used Poly-MVA in several animal cancer patients with
good results.” 
—Gary L. Clarke, DVM

“Last year I noticed the genital area of my chihuahua, Coco, was
inflammed and bothering him. I took him to his veterinarian, who
diagnosed it as cancer. Fortunately I knew about Poly-MVA and
all of its benefits to animals and humans alike. I started
sprinkling it onto Coco’s food. I noticed improvement almost
immediately, and Coco is now cancer-free! His quality of life
and eneergy levels are outstanding.”  
—Dr. Albert Sanchez, Sr.

“In February, 2001, Spooner, my 8-year old Australian Shepherd
was diagnosed with cancer. Her vet recommended that we begin
traditional chemotherapy immediately; it was an option I was not
willing to try. A friend faxed me an ad for Poly-MVA, and after
researching the options, I decided it was the best alternative
available, along with a fresh organic diet, lots of walking and
endless amounts of love. By the end of April her lymph nodes
were back to normal. I took her in June for an exam and she got
a lump-free diagnosis. Following that visit, I kept Spooner on a
maintenance dosage of Poly-MVA for six months. If I had it to do
over, I would have kept her on the maintenance dose for the rest
of her life. In December 2005, Spooner had what appeared to be
kennel cough and then vestibular syndrome. An ultrasound showed
one collapsed lung and the other full of fluid. When they
withdrew the fluid it turned from clear to red and it appeared
she was bleeding to death. An autopsy concluded that she did not
have a reoccurrence of lymphosarcoma. She had cancer in her
lungs that had metastasized to her heart. I will never know the
results, had I kept her on Poly-MVA, but I do know that Poly
gave her more years than any other lymphosarcoma canine survivor
than my vets had ever heard of. Inspired by the benefits my
beloved Spooner derived from Poly-MVA, I began taking it myself.
I know of others who use Poly for both themselves and their
pets, preventatively and curatively. 
—Barbara Hakala

“One of my cats has been battling breast cancer, and I’ve been
supplementing her diet with Poly-MVA. Within 24 hours of
introducing Poly-MVA into her diet, her energy level increased
as did her appetite. She is even more animated in her behaviors
at times.” 
—Debi Canody

“Our cat, Maya, was diagnosed with mammalary cancer, one of the
most invasive and fast-progressing forms of cancer. We treated
her with chemotherapy while adding two immune system
supplements. We visited an alternative medicine vet who
recommended that we put Maya on a maintenance dose of Poly-MVA.
At the oncology center where Maya received her chemotherapy
treatments, we were told that with mammalary cancer, a
recurrence of cancer often manifests itself in other parts of
the body within a year. She has been cancer free for 2 years. We
are very grateful for the Poly-MVA and the support it provided
her during chemotherapy.” 
—Gilbert and Priscilla Munz

“In July of 2000 I took our 3-yr-old Yorkie-Poo, Mashah, to our
veterinarian to examine a strange bump on her lip. A biposy
revealed that it was a Grade One mass cell tumor, and we
immediately had it removed. Dr. Becker suggested Poly-MVA, large
doses at first then decreasing over time. She continues to take
a maintenance dose to this day. In July of this year Mashah
turned 11 years old! She is very healthy and often acts like a
puppy. Poly-MVA plays a big part in her continued health. I am
grateful to God that He directed me to Poly-MVA. 
—Susan Seller

“In August of 2006 our Australian Shepherd was diagnosed with
cancer, with three abdominal masses – one in her mammory gland
which was showing on her belly. There was no hope for recovery,
even with surgery, so we took her home. I had read about Poly-MVA
and thought it would be a good time to try it on her. We had
great results and she also got back her pep and energy! We were
very happy to see her doing so well after just a few months with
only Poly-MVA. I think it is a very worthwhile product to try,
not only for pets but for people as well. I would certainly give
it a try for support if I ever had cancer. ”  
—Ann Ratajik

“My 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Mia, was diagnosed with breast
cancer. The vet removed a tumor from her breast, diagnosed it as
a malignant carcinoma and said it had spread into her lymph
system. I noticed Mia did not have the spunk or sheen to her
coat that she had prior to this diagnosis. A friend of mine was
taking Poly-MVA and suggested I give it to Mia. I purchased a
couple bottles and began mixing 1/4 tsp into her food. Within 1
month, I noticed her coat was more healthy and she was once
again running, chasing her football and swimming in the pool! It
has been 2 1/2 years since her diagnosis and she is still with
me! She remains happy and healthy today. Thank you for your
product. ”  
—Jana Sutter, PT

“My 12-year-old cat, Giselle, was diagnosed with an inoperable
brain tumor tumor in March 2007. They started her on 5 mg of
Prednisone twice a day but also suggested radiation therapy. We
opted not do that so I called a veterinarian holistic doctor for
advice. He told me he was getting great results with a product
called Poly-MVA for Pets. Giselle has been on Poly-MVA for Pets
for 10 months now. She is doing great! She has more energy than
ever and we believe her cancer has reversed. We are so grateful
for this product; what a wonderful turn around. And her original
doctor who prescribed radiation said without radiation the most
Giselle had to live was 3 months! Thank you!!!! ” 
—Steve and Sheila Lopresto

“In 2002, I found the little tiny lump on my cat’s nipple;
medical diagnosis determined it was breast cancer. I did a lot
of research about this and was devastated to learn that, sadly,
most cats do not do well with cancer; most only make it for a
year at best and usually not that long. Six months after Daisy’s
diagnosis, all of a sudden, after sleeping with me for all
thirteen years of her life, my Daisy would no longer even get in
my bed but instead retreated to a little cardboard box and only
came out to eat or use her litter box. I was so sad when the vet
informed me that she was probably preparing for death. I ordered
Poly-MVA after learning of it at one of the Yahoo Feline Cancer
groups and started Daisy on it immediately. On the fifth day of
being given Poly-MVA, Daisy came back into my bed and began once
again to sleep and cuddle with me just like she used to; I could
not believe it! She even started playing with her favorite toy,
she ate well and used her litter box as if nothing was wrong.
For 8 more months, I got to enjoy her company and I did not
waste a second of our time together! In September 2003, my
darling little cat finally had to be put to sleep; she had been
struggling increasingly with her breathing until it was clear to
me I had to do the last loving thing and so I set her spirit
free where no pain or discomfort could reach her. I will always
be so grateful for what I saw with my own eyes as how she
responded and stayed with me. l know Poly-MVA provided me with
more time with my beloved Daisy and I do want to say thank you
from the bottom of my heart. I would not hesitate to recommend
Poly-MVA to anybody who has a need for something to help them
stay healthy as long as possible.” 
—Anne Lombardo Ardolino

“In June of 2008, my Akita, Logan – who seemed to be in perfect
health – was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma on the base of his
tail. I chose to have a high tail amputation performed on him
and hoped that the cancer would be removed or at the very least
that I would have more time with him. I did not want Logan to
have chemotherapy as I thought that would be too taxing on a
14-year-old dog. Knowing that there was a strong chance that the
hemangio would spread to internal organs, I searched for an
immune-building substance to administer to him. At the
recommendation of a friend, I was led to Poly-MVA for Pets and
immediately started him on it. As soon as he started taking it,
I noticed his old spark come back. He quickly recovered from the
rather extensive surgery and began living his life the way he
always had. He had increased energy and appetite and wanted to
take more walks and have more play time outside than before his
surgery. I had Logan with me for four more great months in which
he had an outstanding quality of life that I attribute to the
Poly-MVA for Pets. The cancer ended up moving to his lungs and
he was unable to fight it. I do feel that if I had found this
product sooner the cancer may not have progressed. However,
Logan’s last months were full of life. He even swam for the very
first time. I absolutely recommend Poly-MVA for Pets and wish
that more veterinarians would incorporate it into their
treatments. Thank you!
—Linda Chase

“My 10-year-old chocolate lab “Miss Ally” was diagnosed with
liver cancer on Jan. 6th, 2009 and had a month to live. There
was nothing more the vet felt he could do for her, but he did
say “you might try Poly-MVA for Pets for support” (he had heard
about it in his training). I purchased the product from AMARC
after reading about it and my “Ally” is eating again and still
taking her 2.1 mile walks a day! I tell everyone about Poly-MVA
for Pets. Thank you!!!!!” 
—Jan Kella

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