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Prescription Medication Policies

Shipping Policy

1. All orders will be shipped within 72 business hours from
receiving them in full. You should receive your order at your
home address within approximately 10-15 business days depending
on the International Pharmacy you placed your order with. We
recommend placing your order 30 days in advance to avoid running
short of your medications.

2. There will be a shipping charge added to your order. The
amount will be dependant on the countries you chose to order
from. Some countries such as India, Australia and New Zealand

3. Multiple orders going to the same address will only be
charged one shipping charge per country. Example: if a husband
and wife are both placing orders from the same address there
will only be one shipping charge for any one country that we are
shipping from.

Prescriptions Policy

1. A valid prescription from a licensed physician must be
obtained prior to ordering any prescription medications. ALL
prescriptions must be written in the English language. We
recommend the prescriptions include 3 refills to prevent getting
a new prescription every time you order.

2. Health Matters International will only send out a maximum of
90 day supply for each prescription for personal use ONLY.

3. For medications ordered from outside the US: original
prescriptions must be faxed or mailed to Health Matters
International at:

Health Matters International
150 Research Drive
Hampton, VA 23666-1339
Fax: 1-866-903-1008

Return Policy
Pharmacies are prevented by law from accepting returns of any
medication for use or re-use. We are sorry but we cannot accept
any returned medication by law.

Currency Policy
ALL prices are in US dollars. We accept Visa and MasterCard. 
All payments must be received before shipping any order. Payment
takes place on-line when completing an order.

Language Policy
Customer Service Representatives and Operators at Health Matters
International are English speaking only
ALL prescriptions must be written in the English Language.


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